Dreaming with Parekh and Singh

Parekh and Singh have taken over the internet in the past 6 months.  They are on YouTube, all over social media and almost everyone was raving about their Wes Anderson inspired videos and their dressing choice. They are not that new though. They have been playing together for about 3 years together and have had separate bands that both were part of. Their resurgence can only be attributed to them being signed by Peacefrog label which launched them again and put them on the front page of internet.

The band defines its genre as a dream pop, however, they have been infamously said to sound the same as Prateek Kuhad. I heard the band for the first time from a YouTube reference I closed them within a few seconds because the video ticked me off. The second time I still was not ready for their music and failed to appreciate it. Third time is a charm so I plugged my headphones in, minimised the video and heard Ghost for the first time. I don’t know what it was but the bass line really got me hooked. Slowly I started paying attention the lyrics and finally made a jump to see the video. A lot of the elements started making sense to me and before I knew it I was humming the chorus.

Photo by Himanshu Rohilla

The reason they are being compared to Prateek Kuhad is because of the vocal range and the style the songs are sung. But honestly that’s about it. I think the comparison between the two artists is rather unfair and does not do justice to the work done by them both. It is merely a superficial comparison.

One major difference between the two is the use of percussion in the music of Parekh and Singh. Jivraj Singh who is one half of the duo is a drummer and has been playing in the indie circuit for a while. His work is easily recognizable in the band as drums have a very noticeable role. Some considerable thought is put behind the drums; they are complicated, a bit technical and really groovy. I honestly like some songs only because of the drums played on it.

The duo also does not entirely rely on guitar for their music. Songs like Philosphize has heavy electronic influence. The focus is to create a dreamy pop sounds with or without the guitar being the focus. The moment when the bass kicks in a I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll is not something you  hear everyday in music like this. Panda and Oceans are heavy on synth.

My favorite is a tough one to decide but I definitely suggest give a listen to Me and You, which is not one of their famous tracks.

Overall Parekh and Singh make a good company for a lazy weekend. The music and lyrics somehow puts you on the mood to kick back a bit, lie down and just stare at the ceiling. And before you know it, its time to shift the playlist to beat the Monday blues.


Sadly all of their music is not available on Youtube and Soundcloud, so you have to shell out some cash.


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