Chester Bennington’s Death and Certain Realisations

Like most of the kids in India born in the mid 90s Linkin Park played an important part in my life. As I have mentioned in my earlier post, Linkin Park was the reason I slowly started shifting to rock music. Just like everyone else the death of Chester Bennington took me by surprise.

I’ll be honest though, I was a bit skeptical about the out pour there was for him. I am not taking anything away from the band but I feel people really started to over state their love for the band.  I felt it as a bit of overkill. Facebook photos were being changed, there were people claiming he was the greatest ever, a lot of people had videos of them singing their favourite song. I was really happy to see the love and support of people, although, at some level was also uncomfortable. Yes I was a big fan, I was also sad but I had not heard or cared about the band post 2009 and had happily moved on. A death was a big deal but was also the inevitable.

Fast forward to today I decided to give them a listen again. I heard the first note of Leave Out All The Rest and I was transported to a different time. I could imagine myself in 2008 listening to the song and trying to sing with Chester. I did not completely understand the pain the song was talking about but I could feel it. The next was Numb and I was a kid aged about 10 or 12 seeing the music video for the first time on my sisters Nokia. In The End played and I could remember all the times I sang the song out loud with my friends. After that, every song I heard had a memory etched to it. I may be wrong but the last song of Linkin Park I heard was What I’ve Done.

I could feel again what I felt when I was a kid and all of this was because of a band. A band whose music I had taken for granted and had forgotten its impact. A voice that was powerful enough to inspire an entire generation had vanished with a blink of an eye. In the end I realised that sometimes we just forget what a song meant, sometimes we just take music for granted. But life has its own ways to keep us reminding to not forget.


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