The Simplicity in Prateek Kuhad

If one artist has grown in popularity ranks in the last few years it has been Prateek Kuhad. Prateek Kuhad is originally from Jaipur, studied in NYU and soon after that he decided to give music a try for one year.

His first EP came in 2013 called Raat Raazi, except Ankur Tiwari he was the only one who was making acoustic pop driven albums in Hindi. The brilliant thing about Raat Raazi was its simplicity. They were simple songs with simple arrangements but some great guitar playing and lyrics that spoke the truth. Although, the most recognizable song from this album has been Raat Raazi, my personal favourite is Yeh Pal. Yeh Pal has the unique sound of double bass holding the beat and the simple comfortable voice of Prateek Kuhad over it.

The second album was In Tokens and Charms, this album unlike the previous one was in English. The album was recorded in New York, and Prateek Kuhad has claimed in various interviews that the album has a special sound because of the equpment and gear available to him. This album has 10 songs that deal with the same themes as the previous album, songs about love, relationships and ones responses towards it.  But this album is more complicated in its own ways and you can see that Prateek Kuhad is trying to push himself. The lyrics put words to your own feelings. Prateek Kuhad tries to hit those high notes adding a certain kind of depth in his voice but still it remains simple and relatable.  He has finger plucked most of the songs on his electric guitar creating a perfect background for the listener to focus on his lyrics. My favourite song from this album is Artist, just a few lines of lyrics no chorus, just a man pouring his heart out. Artist

His latest single Tum Jab Pass deals with High School romance and it grows on you faster than you would imagine. I think the success of Prateek Kuhad lies not in his guitar playing or his singing but his ability to write beautifully and arrange his music in the most uncomplicated ways that gives you a sense of familiarity and coziness.

Prateek Kuhad was doing DIY shows in 2013-2014 and he still has that boy next door aura to him. He wants his music to be heard in a closed atmosphere and he has tried to create that by playing smaller shows. The next time you go to see his concert don’t be surprised if he is standing next to you and listening the opening acts with you.



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