Low Roar Low Roar

One music album I always suggest someone to give a listen to is Low Roar, which is self titled of the band Low Roar. I have claimed many times that this album changed my life, quite an exaggerated claim to make but I still stand by it.

Albums or songs usually have a one instrument or the vocals that guide the song. RHCP has had guitar as the instrument that controls the song when John Frusciante was playing, it changed to bass when he left. In acoustic albums it is usually the vocals. This where Low Roar creates its first distinction from other albums I have heard, there isn’t one layer of the song that tries to overpower the other. Each layer plays perfectly and creates this magic which transports you to a different place.

You close your eyes and you can imagine being alone in a vast meadow where leaves have fallen, the chilly wind is blowing and as you stretch your hand you start feeling the snow. Being alone does not haunt you but comforts you in a certain way.


The reason this album has this impact on you, I feel lies in the reason of its very conception. Low Roar was created as a response of the creators (Ryan Karazija) shift from California to Reykjavik, Iceland. This album tries to with the feeling you have moving to a foreign land, the feeling of being isolated, the struggle of meeting new people and the fight to find a purpose. This album is one that comforts you through all these feelings. The album was made on a budget and was recorded solely on Ryan Karazija laptop this adds a distinct personal touch to the whole album. It seems like Ryan is trying to share his own experience to you through his music. The music does not have a distinct persona, Ryan Karazija himself is his music. His voice has a tinge of nostalgia and melancholy that fills the room.

 The album tries to provide you an escape from the haunts of dealing with your own isolation and anxieties. I have turned to this album in my own times of trouble, hope you guys like it too.




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